Millennium Walkway closes

The Millennium Walkway at Moeraki through the Millers Bay section has been closed due to safety concerns following significant damage from slips.

The Haven Street road has suffered major damage following heavy rain which led the road to be closed last week and through the Easter period.  Continued movement in this area has resulted in a sewage pipe becoming exposed and has resulted in the need to close the walkway, which runs parallel to Haven Street, to protect the community.

Temporary repairs to the sewer main have been made and more permanent repairs will be made today, however, there are multiple fissures in the ground, partly uprooted trees and severely uneven ground.

Parks Officer Jane Matchett says the Millers Bay Section of the walkway will be cordoned off for the foreseeable future.

“The Millennium Walkway is a popular route for Moeraki residents and visitors, however, we do not want to put them at risk. We acknowledge that its closure will be inconvenient for many but safety is paramount and we do not wish to compromise it.”

Page reviewed: 21 Apr 2017 10:30am