Review of Waitaki District General Bylaw 2006

​​​​​​​​​​​​Waitaki​ District General Bylaw 2006 manages issues considered as being potentially a nuisance, offensive and/or harmful to the public and covers public places, reserves, trading in public places and the keeping of animals, birds and poultry.

Purpose of consultation 

We would like to start a dialogue with the community on emerging issues to address through the bylaw review prior to any draft documents being prepared for formal commun​​ity consultation. We’d like to hear from you. You can provide feedback using an online form.


Since the last review 10 years ago new issues have emerged with a few questions that need to be answered. So far we’ve identified three issues as we review the bylaw - there’ll be more.

Rooster walking in lawn.Roosters in urban areas

Should people be allowed roosters in urban areas?  The current bylaw has provisions to deal with “nuisance” and “noise” issues arising from the keeping of birds but should we consider prohibiting roosters in urban areas?

Angry cat under the table.Responsible cat ownership

We don’t have any provision for responsible cat ownership - should we have similar rules as we do for dogs?


Bees flying on nest.

Keeping of bees in urban areas

The current bylaw prohibits keeping of bees in urban areas but we know that hobby bee-keeping is becoming more popular so should we change the rules so that people can keep bees in urban areas?


​Do you have any issues we should be aware of?

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