General Bylaw review

​​​​​​​​Collage of  General bylaw key topics.

​​​​What is the ​General Bylaw​?

​The General Bylaw is one way Council can help protect people from unpleasant things. We all want to live in a community that is free from things that cause harm, nuisance and stop bad behaviour in public.

​The review

We reviewed our old General Bylaw which resulted in some new issues to consider.  The main issues we proposed were:

  • Responsible cat ownership
  • Keeping of bees and roosters in urban areas
  • Keeping of birds

​​​Consultation document

We created a consultation document that included all the key information and also a submission form. We also produced a draft Bylaw and Statement of Proposal (see links below).

​What happens next?

During the public consultation period we received approximately 30 submissions and have now considered that feedback.  We're now in the process of adopting the new General Bylaw but first we must have it signed off by the Minister of Conservation (Reserves Bylaw provisions).  We expect to adopt the new General Bylaw in December 2017.

The timeline below provides key dates for the General Bylaw review process.
Public consultation opensMonday 3 July 2017
Public consultation closes​​Thursday 3 August 2017
​​Public hearingsWednesday 9 August 2017​
​General Bylaw adoptedWednesday 6 December  2017

For further information please call us on 03 433 0300 or email​​

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