Setting Fees under the Food Act 2014

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A new Food Act was recently introduced by central government, with a risk-based regulatory regime that places a primary duty on people trading in food to ensure that the food sold is safe and suitable.​​ 

Why were we consulting?

All businesses selling and supplying food will need to be registered and the type of registration will depend on the level of risk.  A model of risk has been developed by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI).  

Costs associated with the new legislation have been assessed and we have sought feedback on them from both the public and affected businesses. The proposed new fee structure can be seen in the two documents below (the Consultation Document and the Statement of Proposal).​

Food Act Fees consultation process​

The consultation timetable is:

Friday 2 December 2016​Consultation opens
Wednesday 1 February 2017​Consultation closes
Wednesday 15 Fe​bruary 2017​Public hearings​
Wednesday 29 March 2017Adoption of fees​
​​Monday 3 April 2017​New f​ees​ apply


The public consultation period has now ended and submissions have been received.  Hearings will take place on Wednesday 15 February, before final decisions are made on Wednesday 29 March.  The new fees will apply from Monday 3 April.

Page reviewed: 02 Feb 2017 10:09am