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F.A.Q What does it cost
Frequently Asked Questions

What does it Cost?

Council has set the fees for registration of dogs within the Waitaki District for the 2010/11 year, commencing 1-July-2010.  Owners have until the 31-July to register their dogs without incurring a penalty.


Admin fee - per Owner:   $15

-PLUS - per dog-
Working Dog              $13
Non Working Dog          $50
Selected Owner           $15
Farm Pet                 $13

-PLUS - per dog-
Dangerous Dogs           150% added to base fee
Probationary Owner dogs   50% added to base fee

-PLUS - penalties-
Late registrations        50%  added to base fee



The Penalty of 50% will be applied to ALL registrations (excluding 1st time registrations) made after the 31-July.