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Waitaki District Lakes and Camping
Waitaki District

Waitaki Lakes Camping

Wilderness Camping Facilities

Waitaki Lakes Camping includes:
Lakes Camping Map (PDF 134kb)
Precautionary measures should also be taken when preparing any food that has to be washed, bathing and cleaning teeth.
For more information about boiling water have a look at Waitaki Water.
The Camping Season

The 3rd Saturday in September until the 1st Sunday in May.

Camp Site's Size
Size should not exceed 60m2 (sufficient area to accommodate one car/utility, one boat, and either a tent or caravan)

Registration must be paid on arrival. Tickets are non-refundable. Fees are applicable from when a site is claimed. There are no reciprocal ticket sales with Waimate District Council.
Full Seasons Tickets
$410 per family (2 adults & children under 15 yrs).
Parsons Rock, Boat Harbour, Wildlife Reserve, Loch Laird, Sailors Cutting and Lake Middleton.
NB:Boat ramp tickets must be purchased separately through the camp ground supervisors or at Council.
$460 per family (2 adults & children under 15 yrs). Ohau C and Falstone only including boat ramp ticket.
Any extra adults over the age of 15yrs are charged at $8 per night.
Full Season is the 3rd Saturday in September until the 1st Sunday in May.
Full Season tickets are available from:

•The Waitaki District Council Office, Oamaru
•The Camp Supervisors

Overnight Ticket

$15 per family per night (2 adults & children under 15 yrs). Any extra adults over the age of 15 yrs are charged at $8 per night.

Tickets (envelopes) may be obtained from camp registration booths. (These are administered by the camp supervisors)
Campground Supervisors
Parsons Rock, Boat Harbour, Wildlife Reserve, Loch Laird, Sailors Cutting and Lake Middleton 
Simon and Teresa Fox - 027 686 6901
Ohau C and Falstone
Ben and Clare Aubrey - 03 435 0579
Ramp/Facilities Fee at Ohau C & Falstone Camps
Purchase tickets from camp supervisor Ben Aubrey. 
They can be purchased for $5 per day, or $80 per year. 
Ramp/Facilities Fee at Other Camps
Purchase tickets from camp supervisors Simon or Teresa Fox.
They are not included in season camping tickets.
They can be bought for $5 per day, or $50 per year. 
Dogs are permitted at all sites. Dogs must be on a leash at all times, otherwise they will be impounded. Dogs must be registered and not cause nuisance to other campers. Dog owners must clean up dog droppings.
Maximum speed of all vehicles is 10kph. Care must be taken when entering and leaving camp sites. Watch out for children. Only registered vehicles are permitted at the camp sites.
Unnecessary noise and obscene language will not be tolerated. Noise must be kept to a minimum between 11pm and 6am. Offenders will be removed.
We encourage you to take out what you bring in. Bins are provided for recycling. Plastic, Glass, Aluminium, Paper/Cardboard. Council views items left at camp sites as illegal dumping (car batteries, furniture, appliances, camping gear, carpet, etc.). People illegally dumping rubbish will be prosecuted. Please report any illegal dumping.
Dump Stations
Dumps Stations are sited at Boat Harbour, Wildlife Reserve and Lake Middleton. If you are not staying at the campsite there may be a small charge for the use of their dump station. 
Chemical activated porta-potties are prohibited from being dumped within camp toilet bowls.
Offenders will be prosecuted and/or may result in camp closure for sanitary reasons. The chemical in porta-potties destroys the normal operation of the septic tanks. Only chemical free porta-potties may be dumped within camp toilet bowls.
Trees must be left alone. Should any branches require removal the camp supervisors should be notified and it will be for the supervisor to determine the need/urgency and to undertake the work.
Firearms are banned from all camping sites.
Recreational and trail bikes are banned from all camping sites.
Camp supervisors have the authority to call the police and report willful damage that occurs in and around the camp grounds.
Trespassing is defined as entering exclusion areas without permission. Camping out of season or without paying fees and will not be tolerated.  NZ Police have the authority to trespass persons from all Council owned or managed properties, this includes camping areas.
Fuel/Petrol Storage
All due care must be taken with storage and handling of fuel.